Why us ?

  • English language is not an intricate subject that demands serious persuasion but a logical one that needs to be pursued carefully.

  • English is to some a hard nut to crack and to some others, it is a subject that has to be polished every day.

  • This website is decisively designed to cater to the needs of serious job seekers who have dreams of achieving jobs in government or in the private sector.

  • In the light of significant changes in the pattern of questions appearing in various competitive exams, this site is developed more concept-based, exam-oriented, and student-friendly.

  • The three important aspects in a language such as grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension are meticulously dealt with in this site.

  • Grammar is divided into various parts to simplify the practice.

  • All parts of speech of Grammar are covered with adequate questions along with notes, examples, and explanations.

  • The test series consists of more than 1500 questions and having more than 100 tests.

  • In the Grammar section parts of speech, common errors, phrases, improvement of sentences are covered.

  • In the vocabulary section synonyms, antonyms, idioms, spellings, one-word substitutes, Fill in the blanks (one blank), Fill in blanks ( two blanks) are covered.

  • In Comprehensive section passages, jumbled sentences and cloze passages are covered.



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