OUR MISSION  is to make ENGLISH language easy to learn fast with accuracy and authority.  This site is meant for the aspirants who are appearing for  BANK / SSC/ TET /  MAT/ NDA/ CLAT/  LIC/ CAT competitive exams. This site provides grammar/ vocabulary/ comprehension questions from the BASIC level to the ADVANCED level.  

mocktestinenglish.com is a site meticulously designed for the aspirants who are appearing for different government / private exams to be selected for prestigious posts. To bilingual people, the people who know/speak/write two languages, English is somewhat a hard nut to crack. That is why it needs to be practised every day. So our slogan is 'PATIENCE and PRACTISE'. and Write your own destiny'. 

We request the aspirants to practise these questions again and again so that they can get mastery over the concepts and rules of English. As far as GRAMMAR is concerned, language consists of various rules and exceptions. 

Apart from conducting a wide range of English tests, we provide key and elaborate explanations. Hence we request you to go through the tests again and again to get command of the rules. 


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